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About Us

BurchDale is a domestic and commercial tree and gardening service operating in Bristol and it's surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of services, from tree felling and pruning, to garden clearance and stump removals. We love working in our local community, whether it be with home-owners or businesses, even the local authorities, we always ensure to give the best service possible. Go check out our testimonials for more details. 

BurchDale was established in 2023, after two separate companies, Dale C Trees and Burch Garden Services, decided to merge to bring different realms of expertise together, resulting in an even greater range and quality of services we can offer to our clients and our community. The merge has been a brilliant success for both us and our clients.

Meet the Team

Alan (Burch) Burchell

I'm Alan Burchell, partner of  BurchDale Tree and Garden Services.

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Dale Claridge

I'm Dale Claridge, partner in Burchdale Tree and Garden Services. I spent 12 years working for various tree removal companies during my teens and 20's. After I became a master of the trade, I decided to launch my own business to provide services to my local community. After a few years, I decided to take a break and explore other areas of tradesmanship. However, after being out of the profession for a while, I yearned to get back into it! So in 2022 I launched my own business, Dale C Tree Removals. After a few conversations with my close friend Burch, we decided to combine our businesses, making Burchdale!

When I'm not up in a tree, you can find me at my local rugby club with my friends, walking my Border Collie, Storm, and spending time with my family!

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