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Garden Maintenance Bristol

Garden Maintenance specialists

Garden maintenance
Garden maintenance Bristol

We provide garden maintenance services in Bristol and the surrounding areas. From keeping your grass freshly cut, removing weeds that are plaguing your garden, or cutting back shrubs. If it results in a clean and organised garden that exceeds your standards, we're happy to lend a hand and get dirty.

Garden maintenance is required throughout the year, to ensure a constantly pristine garden year-round. This also stops a build-up of work which could cost much more to deal with in the future, if allowed to build-up. Our procedures include grass cutting, shrub trimming and weed removal, among others. 

Garden maintenance can be a very time-consuming and tedious task, which is why we offer our garden maintenance services, to allow you to spend less time working in the mud, and give you more time to enjoy the day. Our cutting-edge range of equipment also makes light work of otherwise back-breaking procedures.

Get in contact below now to get our professional opinion or request a free quote, to help save you the chore of garden maintenance.

Benefits of Garden Maintenance

- Garden maintenance can increase the functionality of already existing space

- Garden maintenance will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden, making it more attractive to visitors

- A large amount of research shows that being around green spaces can promote physical and mental health, having a green space you can use can increase your overall well-being

- Overall, these benefits contribute to an increase in property value, with some studies suggesting that a well kept-garden can increase your property's value by over 5%. An attractive and useable garden can work wonders on increasing the appeal of your property

Bristol garden maintenance
Grass cutting
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Do I Need Garden Maintenance?

More times than not, it will be clear to you if your garden could use some maintenance work. Maybe the grass is overgrown, or weeds are running rampant across your garden and driveway. This is the time to give us a call to get your garden looking good as new.

However, garden maintenance work is not always just for the warmer summer months. Even through winter ,there are garden maintenance tasks that could be getting some attention, which will save you time and money when spring comes around. This could involve pollarding particular plants, or preparing the lawn for the next year of growth.

Below are some of the different garden maintenance services we provide, and some information about them. Get in touch today so we can review and discuss what we can do to manage your garden.

Our Garden Maintenance Solutions

Once our arborists have assessed your garden and driveway, a decision will be made on how we can help manage and maintain your outdoor space, to provide the best results.

Grass Cutting

Fairly self-explanatory. This is where we will cut your lawn to your desired length to increase the usability and appeal of your garden. Our cutting-edge equipment, allows us to reach even the most awkward positions of your garden, giving a lovely, even cut.

Crown reduction Bristol
Crown thinning Bristol

Weed Removal:

Weeds are very resilient to attempts at removing them, whether it be through chemicals, physical removal or other techniques. To top it off, even after all the effort of removing them, a few days later it seems they have grown back even larger and prominent than they previously were. In garden borders, driveway cracks and everything in between, it can seem like they are unstoppable. 
At BurchDale, we have time-tested techniques that keep weeds away for longer, and have the equipment on hand to get rid of any weeds pestering your garden. Just get in touch so we can come and take a look at the best options you have for keeping the weeds away.

Why Choose Us?

Amazing Quality

Our local tree surgeons and garden experts are fully qualified and each have over 20 years of industry experience, giving them the skills necessary to provide a top job, every time

Trusted and Insured

We are a trusted company and never let a job go undone without having provided an excellent service. Don't take our word for it, view some of our client testimonials below and check out our previous work.

We are also fully insured!

Friendly and approachable  

The customers in the local community are the heart of everything we do, which is why our arborists love giving our customers an amazing experience time and time again. Whether your a home owner or local business, we always strive to leave you smiling throughout the job.

To find out more about our tree surgeon team, head to our about us page

Serena Brown, Bristol

“Fantastic service, friendly, reliable and great price. I would highly recommend. "

Tom Stott, Bristol

“Great guy, reasonable price, quality work and even took the time to do a proper clean up. Highly recommend. See you next year Dale!"

Catharine Hall, Bristol

"Great service, brilliant comms, great price and a excellent thorough job on some very unruly conifers! Full clean up afterwards too.  Highly recommended, thanks again guys."

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my grass be cut?

Your grass should be cut a couple of times a month  to encourage healthy growth. If over a third of your grass is cut each time you mow the lawn, then the health and vigour of the grass could worsen. 

How do you get rid of weeds?

We get rid of weeds s best we can using physical measures such as digging them up and disposing of the root so they don't grow back. However, we can also offer chemical removal solutions for more stubborn plants. 

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