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Tree Removal Bristol

Tree removal specialists

Tree removal Bristol

We conduct tree removal and tree felling in Bristol and the surrounding areas. No matter if your tree is overhanging a phoneline, property or whatever may be nearby, we have the experience and training required to provide a safe and efficient service. All of our tree surgeons are fully insured and qualified, and use the best equipment for the job.

Removal of trees is sometimes required if the tree is diseased, dead or dangerous. We can use a variety of techniques to remove trees depending on the size and positioning of the tree, from felling from the ground to sectional felling to cut the tree into pieces at different sections to avoid any damage to property.

Tree removal can be very dangerous both to nearby buildings and people, which is why you should leave it to the professionals who are fully trained and experienced to remove trees of all shapes and sizes, and insured to do so, to undergo tree removal operations.

Get in contact below now to get our professional opinion or request a free quote.

Benefits of Tree Removal

- When trees get old, wither or even die, they can become a hazard, especially in high wind and storms. When trees become a nuisance, you should look to get the tree removed, to avoid any problems it may cause in the future. When getting a tree removed, you should always contact a professional, fully insured tree service to remove the tree safely.

- As professional tree surgeons, we remove any dead or diseased trees in and around your property, which may harm the local scenery. These problem trees can also serve as a home for pests and rodents. 

- As a professional tree surgery, we have the relevant experience and tools to complete the job quickly, safely and efficiently. We are also fully insured and are fully qualified to provide our services.

- We ensure to complete the job to the highest standards, and will leave the site as clean as we left it. All wood will be recycled at a local centre, or you can speak to one of our team and we can leave it to you for firewood. 

Bristol tree removal

How do I know if my tree needs to be removed?

Bristol tree removal

There are a few reasons that you may want to get your tree removed. The tree may be blocking a building, taking up unnecessary space or interrupting telephone lines. The tree may also be a hazard due to it being diseased, damaged or unstable. 

In some cases, spotting a hazardous tree may be hard to do unless your a trained professional, however, some indicating factors are an unusually high number of dead branches, large areas of decay, a small number of leaves being produced and visible root damage. 

If you are unsure if your tree could be a hazard, get in touch with our fully qualified, Bristol-based tree surgeons to come and give an inspection by giving them a call, or filling the form out below.

How will the tree be removed?

Once our tree surgeons have assessed the tree and local area, a decision will be made on how best to remove the tree, in the most safe and efficient way possible. One of the following techniques will be used:

Tree Felling:

Tree felling is a process of cutting the tree down from ground level, with several steps. First of all, a notch is cut in the tree on the side the tree will fall. Then we will create a back cut on the opposite side of the tree. After some preparation, the tree will be felled. If requested, we can then perform a removal of the stump left behind after the tree is removed, using our specialist equipment. This is only done in an area with lots of space, as falling trees can cause a lot of damage to nearby structures. 

Crown thinning Bristol
Tree pollarding Bristol
Tree reduction Bristol

This technique is commonly used to remove trees in urban areas, which may have limited or tight space to take advantage of. The tree is assessed, and parts are cut off in sections so we can control where the debris will land, using special equipment like ropes, pulleys and friction devices. This is to ensure that no damage is done to nearby buildings or passers-by. 

Technical Dismantlement:

As the name suggests, this is the practice of removing already dead trees. Our tree surgeons will assess the area for any hazards, and will then begin cutting the tree apart in small sections, to control where debris will fall. The stump can then be grinded by our team upon request. 

Get in touch with our team today to see if they can help transform your outdoor space.

Dead Tree Removal:

Why Choose Us?

Amazing Quality

Our local Bristol tree surgeons and garden experts are fully qualified and each have over 20 years of industry experience, giving them the skills necessary to provide a top job, every time

Trusted and Insured

We are a trusted company and never let a job go undone without having provided an excellent service. Don't take our word for it, view some of our client testimonials below and check out our previous work.

We are also fully insured!

Friendly and approachable  

The customers in the local community are the heart of everything we do, which is why our arborists love giving our customers an amazing experience time and time again. Whether your a home owner or local business, we always strive to leave you smiling throughout the job.

To find out more about our tree surgeon team, head to our about us page

Serena Brown, Bristol

“Fantastic service, friendly, reliable and great price. I would highly recommend. "

Tom Stott, Bristol

“Great guy, reasonable price, quality work and even took the time to do a proper clean up. Highly recommend. See you next year Dale!"

Catharine Hall, Bristol

"Great service, brilliant comms, great price and a excellent thorough job on some very unruly conifers! Full clean up afterwards too.  Highly recommended, thanks again guys."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get my tree removed?

Tree removal is often sought after for a variety of reasons, such as removing a dead tree which could be dangerous, or clearing space in a garden. A tree may growing in a troublesome spot, such as near a power line, or bad weather may have damaged a tree beyond repair,

What is tree felling?

Tree felling is a tree removal technique, often used in open spaces. The tree is cut from ground level. A notch is cut on the side you want the tree to fall, then a back cut is done on the opposite side of the tree. This will cause the tree to fall. This is used in spaces where there is no threat to damaging near-by buildings.

How much does tree removal cost?

The cost of removing a tree can vary greatly depending on different factors, such as the trees size, location and condition. A large tree in a tight urban area which is badly damaged will take more time and planning to remove due to extra care having to be taken to a smaller tree in the middle of a field. Get a free, no-obligation quote to get an accurate price

How long does it take to remove a tree?

Tree removal can take an hour, all the way up to a day. The time it takes to remove a tree depends on many factors, such as how many trees need to be removed, how large the tree is, the area around the tree and if any preparation work is needed beforehand.

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