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Tree Pruning Specialists

Tree pruning Bristol

We conduct a range of tree pruning services and techniques across Bristol and the surrounding areas. Whether your looking to get your tree cut back to a suitable size or shape, or get your tree pruned to encourage healthy growth in your garden, we have the experience and qualifications required to provide a safe and efficient service. All of our tree surgeons are fully insured, qualified and trained, and use the best equipment for the job.

Tree pruning can be dangerous as you often have to work at large heights to gain leverage over the tree to produce the intended results. Tree pruning is a practical, skilled and timely process that requires a lot of patience and knowledge to avoid damaging the tree, so it's best to call in the experts to get the best results possible, who are fully insured and have great testimonials to support their amazing client satisfaction

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Benefits of Tree Pruning

- Getting your tree trimmed and pruned can maintain or create a desired shape of the tree, keeping your garden more neat and aesthetic to impress the neighbours and guests

- Tree pruning can reduce the thickness of your tree, allowing more sunlight to reach your garden, helping other plants grow and also giving you some extra rays

- Some pruning techniques will allow increased flowering of trees in spring, as well as an increase in fruit yielded from fruit trees

- Tree pruning can improve the health of your tree, by improving sunlight exposure, improving airflow and reducing pressure on the trees limbs

Tree pruning

How do I know if my tree needs pruning?

Bristol tree reduction

There are many reasons why you may want to get your tree pruned. As there several techniques and tree pruning operations, such as crown thinning and pollarding, there are a number of problems they can help deal with, with some being more obvious than others.

You can usually tell if a tree needs pruning if it has uneven growth, upsetting the aesthetic of the outdoor space, if the tree is overgrown and needs reducing in size to increase garden space, or if the tree is visibly unhealthy or under stress from too many branches. Also, if the tree is blocking an excessive amount of sunlight coming through.

Below are the different tree pruning solutions our team offers, and some information about each service. Get in touch today so we can review and discuss which strategy may benefit your garden.

Our tree pruning techniques

Once our arborists have assessed the tree and local area, a decision will be made on which strategy should be used, for the safest and most efficient service. 

Crown Reduction:

What is crown reduction? Crown reduction is where the height and/or width and spread of the tree will be reduced. This will reduce stress on the tree, as well as allowing more light through the canopy. It can be done to make the tree a more symmetrical shape and be more pleasing to the eye, whilst maintaining the natural tree shape. 

Crown thinning Bristol

Tree Pollarding:

What is pollarding? Tree Pollarding is the tree pruning technique of removing the upper levels and branches of a tree, keeping them shorter than they would naturally grow. This method is usually carried out once per year. Pollarding your tree can be done to stop interference with telephone lines and buildings, increase the vibrance of it's foliage and to keep the tree short and within the areas aesthetics, as well as stopping the tree from blocking a view.

Crown reduction Bristol

Crown Thinning:

What is crown thinning? Crown thinning is a tree pruning strategy where select branches that are unhealthy, dead, or duplicates are removed from the tree. This reduces the trees density, allowing increased air circulation and the amount of sunlight that makes it through the tree, increasing the trees health, as well as nearby plants' health. This tree pruning strategy keeps the overall size and shape of the tree the same and just reduces the density of the leaves and branches. 

Tree pollarding Bristol
Crown lifting Bristol

Crown Lifting:

What is crown lifting? This is where the lower branches of a tree are cut, which effectively raises the lowest part of the tree, creating more space between it and the ground. This can be done to make room for a walkway, increase garden space, allow more light through the tree canopy or to improve the view.  

Get in contact with our expert tree surgeons today to enquire about what benefits tree pruning can offer your garden.


Why Choose Us?

Amazing Quality

Our local tree surgeons and garden experts are fully qualified and each have over 20 years of industry experience, giving them the skills necessary to provide a top job, every time

Trusted and Insured

We are a trusted company and never let a job go undone without having provided an excellent service. Don't take our word for it, view some of our client testimonials below and check out our previous work.

We are also fully insured!

Friendly and approachable  

The customers in the local community are the heart of everything we do, which is why our arborists love giving our customers an amazing experience time and time again. Whether your a home owner or local business, we always strive to leave you smiling throughout the job.

To find out more about our tree surgeon team, head to our about us page

Nicola Burns, Bristol

“Dale did a fantastic job pollarding our overgrown willow! Great service and communication and would highly recommend."

Catharine Hall, Bristol

"Great service, brilliant comms, great price and a excellent thorough job on some very unruly conifers! Full clean up afterwards too.  Highly recommended, thanks again guys."

Tom Stott, Bristol

“Great guy, reasonable price, quality work and even took the time to do a proper clean up. Highly recommend. See you next year Dale!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between crown reduction and crown thinning?

Crown reduction is removing volume from the tree, reducing it's height and/or width and spread. Crown thinning is the removal of specific branches of the tree, often dead or damaged branches. This keeps the size of the tree similar to what is was before, but makes it less dense. Crown reduction is often done for aesthetics, whereas crown thinning is done mostly to improve the trees health.

What is the crown of a tree?

The tree's crown is a part of the tree. It is the branches, leaves and reproductive tissues of a tree. It starts where the first branches are and extends to the top of the tree. The trunk is not part of the tree crown.

When should I prune my tree?

Although tree pruning can be done at any time of year, we recommend getting your tree pruned during the winter months whilst there are no leaves on the tree. This will make our work quicker and easier, lowering the cost, as there will be no leaves slowing our work down.

Why is tree pruning important?

Tree pruning is an important part of keeping your trees healthy and safe. It promotes tree health by removing dead and diseased branches. It increases safety by removing dangerous branches, improves the trees appearance and increases air circulation which keeps the tree healthy and reduces chances of disease.

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